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Project151 was started with a vision to build (JADE) centers of hope for underserved and abandoned children around the world. We are currently operating in Uganda and raising funds for projects for our first center. With your help, we hope to be able to replicate this success all around the globe!

Project151 JADE Centers

What is a JADE Center?

JADE, Journey for Advancing Dreams and Empowerment. JADE Centers are a group of projects built in a single area to serve underprivileged children around the globe.

What impact does a center have?

There are 4 key elements that we focus on for our JADE centers.

1. Home: Giving the children a safe space and home where they are cared for properly. A new beginning for many of the children.

2. Education: Building schools, not only for the children of the homes, but also for other children in the community. Making education affordable and accessible.

3. Responsibility: We build gardens, chicken coops, livestock areas, and other profitable projects for the homes. This not only teaches the children responsibility but all helps to sustain the centers as they can make profits as well as support the needs of the children.

4. Being a Kid: We believe that children need the space and time to be kids. We build playground, sports areas, and crafting rooms to let the children just be kids. Stimulating creativity and physical development.

What projects does it take to create a JADE Center?

The main projects involved in building are a JADE Center typically involve two phases.

Phase 1: Home and Sustainability

- Building a Home for the Children

- Building a garden, livestock area, and crafting/sewing rooms

This allows the home to begin becoming self sustaining as well as provide them a way to make income and begin fundraising.

Phase 2: School and Recreation

- Building a Community School

- Building Recreation Areas for the Children and Community

This phase of the project is important to allows the children an opportunity to get an education that is not only affordable but also accessible as well as providing them a space to just be kids again.

Does Project151 offer continual support for each JADE Center?

At Project151 we focus on the building phases of projects. We make sure to build projects that will allow the centers to be self sustaining. The garden, livestock, and crafting areas can be used to save on cost of food and clothing for the homes as well as sources of income. Through the collection of tuition, the school itself is self sustaining. Project151 also helps set up, teach, and give each center its own way to fund raise. We will have individual websites for each center to raise money through donations, sponsorships, or the sell of small crafts for additional income.

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