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Common Donation Questions

Is Project151 a 501c3?

Yes, Project151 Foundation is a 501c3.

How long has Project151 been in existence?

Project151 Foundation was officially established in 2023. The foundation is actually a name change form the Bridge of Lubbock that was founded in 1999 by Gary Scoggins. The Bridge of Lubbock focused on children's ministry in Lubbock, TX. The non profit included a clothes closet, feeding program, after school program, and even a clinic for the community of East Lubbock for many years. Gary had always had a larger vision and has been visiting Africa since 1996. After donating the Bridge of Lubbock facility to another local non profit and seeing the impact he could have on the children in Uganda, he decided to begin transitioning over to international ministry. From this, Project151 was founded.

Will I get a Donation Summary?

Yes! We provide donation summaries on an annual basis. Please make sure to use a regularly used email and update us of any changes in contact information to make sure we can get you the summary.

How much of my donation is actually used for the projects?

Project151 is a volunteer organization. Our costs are mostly to run the website, payment processing, and sometimes hiring support for administration. Our founder, Gary Scoggins, believes that is how non profits should be operated. The Bridge of Lubbock operating with only 16% cost for administration(staff, building costs, utilities). We hope to cut that down to a maximum of 10% since we do not need a physical location.

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