Leona Primary School Build

The Leona Primary School Project will provide education to 200 children in the community including the children at HOLD Home in Ubarara, Ugonada. The project is currently in the final drawing phase and we hope to break ground in summer of 2024. Please read more about the project below and how you can help support our vision!

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About the Leona Primary School Build

What is the project?

The Leona Primary School project is a building project to provide education for the children of the HOLD Uganda Home as well as other children in the community.

What is HOLD Uganda?

HOLD Uganda is the orphanage that we have supported for 15 years. They are involved in rescuing children that are abandoned, or forced into prostitution, and are living on the streets. The age of the children ranges from months old all the way up to late teens. Many have been with the home for several years and provide support with the daily activities as well as the care for the younger children.

What is the total budget for the build?

The Total Project will be $250,000.00

Funds will be released to the Leona Pre School Project once all funds are raised. We do not release funds until the entire project is funded in order to make sure there are no delays once the project has begun. If you are interested in more details, please contact us.

Does Project151 support daily operations of the projects?

At Project151 we focus on the building phases of projects. The school will be a non profit but will be able to be self sustaining by utilizing several streams of income. However, if you would like to support the Leona school after we complete our project we will have a link to their website!

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